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We don't go by the standard "Mission, Vision, Values."
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Here at AGAMI, Values comes first.

"We've been doing it wrong. It's not Mission, then vision, then values. It's Values, then PURPOSE, then Mission. Find people with the same values, collaborate on a shared purpose, then discover the mission."

-Jerod Hurnblad, Co-Founder of AGAMI

Our Values Are:

-Have a Love for the Earth and all its Inhabitants.
-Have a Caring Heart.
-Be on a Constant Pursuit of Innovation.



We feel like having a "vision" is the same as having an "intention." Intentions are always good, but don't have a high rate of guiding those with intentions to fulfilling them.

We look at having a Purpose like having an Intention strapped to a rocket full of drive.

Our Purpose:

Our Purpose is to take the responsibility of those that have been affected by human trafficking and forced labor. Not only are we working to make it harder for them to be exploited, but to help them move forward within their lives in a positive manner.



Our Mission:

Our mission is to build technology that will save lives affected by human trafficking and forced labor. We look to target the revenue source of the counterfeit industry, the largest funding source of human trafficking, to reduce the profitability of forcing humans into exploitative situations.


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