Making Counterfeit Products a Thing of the Past

Digital Defensibility for your Physical Products

Two iPhone Mockups of the AGAM Application

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Unlocking Physical - Digital Asset Integration


Our NFC ID Technology is built with our patented Offline NFC Authentication Protocol, giving smartphone users quick and frictionless authentication capabilities.


Using blockchain technology, your physical products can now be backed by a non-fungible token; a digital asset that cannot be faked or counterfeited.


We do so much more than just protect your assets. Unlock secondary market royalty earnings, token-gating features, and so much more.

The Problem

The Counterfeit industry doesn't just target luxury goods.  It also targets pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, FIAT currencies, and so much more. Every dollar that goes to purchasing counterfeit goods supports money laundering, corruption, drug trafficking, and even human trafficking.

Counterfeits Kill

In 2019 alone, 10% of all pharmaceuticals in low- and middle-income countries were counterfeit, killing over 300,000 children and costing ~$200B.


Forced Labor

In 2021, an estimated 25 million people are living in forced labor in the counterfeit market with 12% of those being children. And, the number keeps growing.


Protecting Your Products Protects Others

It's estimated that 10% of all goods are counterfeit, equating to hundreds of billions of dollars lost each year across all industries.

App-less = Frictionless

Every time someone scans a product embedded with AGAMI technology, they'll never be required to download an app, reducing friction during the authentication process

Save Money, Save Lives

By integrating our technology, you'll put a stop to the funding of illicit businesses that affect so many lives negative and, as a byproduct, stop the loss of potential revenue.

An iPhone Mockup of the AGAMI Application

We Set the Counterfeiting Bar High and Our Prices Low.

It would be completely counterproductive to set our prices so high that our tech wasn't available for all businesses big and small.

Accepting Beta Partners

If you're interested in integrating our tech, we're looking for beta test partners.


Better Prices for Bigger Impacts

We're looking for pharmaceutical/medical partners. Please reach out if you're interested.


Partner With Us

If you're interested in integrating our technology into your physical products, click the button below to schedule a call.

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