Sept 2021
AGAMI Company was formed by Patrick Skinner, Co-Founder & "That Techie Guy", and Jerod Hurnblad, Co-Founder & "I Make Cool Stuff."

April 2022
The Flagship watch, "The Founder", was designed.
An image of the AGAMI Founder's Line Wrist Watch
June 2022
Partnership Solidified with LITH Token

With the partnership solidified, LITH Token selected AGAMI Co.'s "The Founder" watch as a product to be featured during their marketplace launch in October of 2022.

An image of a LITH Token banner with their various social media profile names.
July 2022
Bridge UX Rollout

The Bridge UX is designed to bridge Web2 features with Web3 functionality. It is the perfect experience for users that are new to the Web3 ecosystem.

Features Include:

Each AGAMI Watch will have a built in NFC Chip, allowing hodlers to access & collect their NFT.

After the NFT has been collected, the NFC Chip will now prompt the AGAMI Watch hodler to set up their Lotus Profile.

Once the Lotus profile is setup, the AGAMI Watch is now ready to start networking.

HODLer or Hodler


A term used typically for crypto investors that buy and hold their positions regardless of the price. This is because they know the value of what they hold will always increase overtime.

Oct 2022
The AGAMI Watch Community Starts

The AGAMI Watch Community will be strictly for AGAMI Watch Hodlers. Hodlers will have exclusive access to AGAMI Events, early access to new watch releases, and exclusive watch trading channels.

Dec 2022
We Open for Licensing

The AGAMI team will be offering our encrypted NFC technology to other companies.

Jan 2023
All AGAMI Founders Line Orders will be shipped out.

All Hodlers, regardless of when they purchased their AGAMI Founders Line product, will have their item shipped out from the October Release.

Mar 2023
Our First Public Appearance will be at Miami Expoverse

The AGAMI team will make their first public appearance at Miami Expoverse in a collaborative booth with No. 3 Magazine.

June 2023
All AGAMI Watches will receive a VR version of their AGAMI Watch

All Hodlers, regardless of when they purchased their AGAMI Watch, will receive a VR version of their watch to wear and use within select VR worlds.

July 2023
Our Vision

Our vision is to impact as many overlooked causes as we can. In 5 years, we plan on having $4m / year donated through royalty earnings alone.

Features we're eyeing by integrating more NFC Tech features:

-Direct Payment Usage
-Event Ticket Access
-Airline Boarding Access

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Every watch creates an impact, even beyond the first purchase. When you buy an AGAMI Watch, you'll get to select the impact 5% of the total sale goes to. But, that's not all. 5% of every resale of that watch using the NFT Royalty Standard will continue to support that select impact... forever.

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